September 14, 2018

Find Advanced Teacher Training Courses in UK

College education is not enough to make you an effective teacher. You need to learn professional skill to carry out a teaching role. DET course helps you to gain qualified teacher status. DET is corresponds to the full teacher roll and equivalent to PGCE. Academy4Success brings opportunity for you to prove yourself as an efficient teacher. By obtaining DET you can reach to Qualified Teacher of Learning and Skill or QTLS status, which combined with the professional development. This course included level 5 awards with 20 credits. We offer you the advanced DET course to develop you personally and professionally. The course details are as follow:

Makes you a professional teacher

DET is a 2 year part time course. Completion of this course leads you to apply for a full time teacher. We have experienced trainer who guide you in a proper way and you can gain professional skills for your teaching job. Our DET course is aimed at teachers in a substantial role in different sectors include community education, adult education, public and private sectors. Our course will enable you to become a critical, professional and effective teacher. Our course will help you to become an effective trainer with good skills, understanding and well developed knowledge. We provide you assistance to understand how to operate in the professional sectors.


Increase the chances of getting a teaching job

Our course includes 6 modules 20 credits each studied within the two years. Our course includes introduction to teaching and learning, applying theory and practice, assessment, curriculum, professional practice and policy, and reflecting on the practice. We provide advanced level of Diploma in Education and Training, which increases your chances of getting a job during the interview.

It’s a certification course

We provide you a certificate after completion of your DET course. This certificate allows you to apply in secondary school. You can reach to level 4 on the first year and level 5 on the second year of this course. If you want to crack an interview and to become a full time teacher you need to complete DET course. Our professionals will guide you to get a teaching job and compete in the job market. Our advanced DET course provides you the essential skills, which are necessary for the teaching profession. We assist you carefully and develop you as a professional teacher.

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