Teaching Assistant Course

course fee
12 – 16 weeks
Distance learning

Written Assignment

result & Certificate
10 – 15 days
minimum age
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If you are looking for a career change that is dynamic and inspiring and helps you make a difference at the same time then an career in teaching is what you should opt for. It will give you the opportunity to captivate and motivate some of the most interesting minds you will ever come across.

Teaching Assistant job offers lucrative incentives consisting of great holiday breaks in-line with school terms. You will also get to be a constant support system to others in schools apart from the students. This course aims at allowing learners to understand the roles and responsibilities of those involved in supporting teaching and learning in schools and further develop the learner’s professional and technical skills and knowledge of the importance of positive relationships within a school. Learners will have the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge required to do this effectively through self-direction. The course prepares them to deliver the curriculum through the perspective of the class teacher. A personal tutor will be appointed to all learners on this course who will provide support and guidance throughout the completion of the course and will be contactable via email and phone.  Learners need to collect a portfolio of evidence to be assessed by the tutor which tells about what they learned against each of the assessment criteria mentioned in the course.
Key Benefits:

  • Career Professional Development (CPD) - this is an ever growing opportunity for development with a vast range of opportunities for growth and job security.
  • Flexibility - for those having a very busy family life, work schedules often match those of children, potentially reducing childcare costs.
  • Salary – depending on the level of experience, qualification, and location; Teaching Assistants can typically earn up to £19,000 pa.
  • If you are a Higher Level 4 Teaching Assistant(HLTA) has potential earning of up to £29, 000 pa.
    Overview: The Level 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools qualification can be taken by candidates who are not yet employed in a school, as well as those, providing initial training/induction for those who are new to post.
    Awarding Body: NCFE / TQUK

 Course Content:

  • You will get to understand the child and young person development.
  • You will develop an idea on how to safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people.
  • You will develop Communication and professional relationships with children, young people, and adults.
  • Consider Schools as organizations.
    Course Progression: When you complete this course, you will be able to progress to level 5 Diploma in Education and Training.
    Entry Requirement:
  • You need to be 16 years and over,
  • You need to have a good level of spoken and written English and an interest in supporting
    pupils in schools and motivate their learning.
  • you do not need to hold any previous qualifications to join this course.
    Placement:  Guaranteed work placement is provided which leads to employment in the schools
    based in Greater London. The only requirement is that learners must be prepared and able to travel
    to our London based schools.