DET Teacher Training Course

course fee
6 – 12 months
Distance Learning

Assignment and Teaching Practice

result & Certificate
14 – 20 days
minimum age
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If you want to take up teaching as your profession, the Diploma in Education(DET) is the ultimate qualification for it. It is recognized by society for Education and Training. It helps you get Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills(QTLS) status that will enable you to teach in schools, colleges, and other institutions. This course consists of a theoretical and practical approach to all the aspects of training and education, ranging from planning and designing and supporting learners. You will also cover the theories and principles of education and training and use these in your own teaching and practice.

Key features of the course

  • Developing a plan and delivering and evaluating inclusive teaching and learning.
  • Assessing learning in education and training.
  • Growing an understanding of theories, principles, and models in education and training.
  • Getting a hold on professionalism and the influence of professional values in education and training.
  • Learning through actions
  • Action research

DET course provides you many opportunities:

  • You can carry our research into education and training
  • You can investigate policies and professionalism in the education and training sectors
  • You can research your own role and potential as a teacher/trainer and discover your teaching skills
  • You can contribute to quality improvement within your own organization
  • You can help develop quality assurance within your own teaching practice
  • You will be able to demonstrate the theories and principles of inclusive teaching and learning in professional practice. 

You can have this qualification if:

  • You are interested in underpinning theories, frameworks, and research into effective teaching and learning alongside developing practical teaching skills is what you prefer;
  • You want your current teaching experience and practice accredited;
  • You are capable of meeting the minimum teaching practice requirement of 100 hours;
  •  You are free for one to two years you to be able to undertake a large qualification,
  • You have the potential and interest to study at this level, which has the demand that matches that of a degree course;
  • You are willing to go through an initial assessment of your skills in English, mathematics, and ICT, record your development needs, and plan accordingly to address them where necessary.

The Diploma in Education and Training (DET) gives you expertise and the chance to examine the theories and current practice of education. You can demonstrate and transfer the findings of your research into your own teaching practice. A Level 5 teaching qualification is the same as a PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate in Education) when it comes to value and importance and credit with regulators, employers, and the education and training sectors. After completion of the DET you will be able to gain QTLS – Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status with the Society for Learning/Education and Training Foundation, the professional body for further education and teaching qualification.