AET Course

Welcome to know about the importance of AET Course to get success in your professional Career

AET or the Award in Education and Training is an initial teacher training course to explore you as an effective teacher. This course is studied at QCF Level 3. This course will help you to be an effective teacher. By availing this course you can work in colleges and community education. Apart from these sectors AET course will make you eligible to work in voluntary sectors, commerce sectors and HM forces. AET course provides an introduction to teaching and it will be delivered at level 3. This qualification brings opportunity for the individuals who want to be an effective teacher in near future.

AET course will help you to reflect on your current and previous experience. Therefore, an individual can evaluate their practice skills and identify the areas of developments. This course allows you to understand and learn the major principles of teaching, assessment, learning and evaluation. Development of interpersonal skill is important for the teaching profession. AET course will help you to develop a strong interpersonal skill and communication skill. This qualification also increases the confidence level of the individuals. You can increase your awareness regarding your professional role and responsibilities.

To get entry in this course you need to have a qualification in your subject. Candidates must have literacy, ICT skills and numeracy skills to get admission in this course. This course not only develops you personally but also develops you professionally. You should go through a formal interview to get entry in AET course. In order to obtain the linked qualification in teaching or to get level 3 award you need to complete AET course. This course is the basic requirement of the teaching position. This training will help you to conduct a training session and to take classes on the areas in which you have sufficient knowledge. This course contains the basic principles of teaching along with three units:

Unit A: includes the roles and responsibilities of the teacher in an education sector. This section will help you to learn the teaching and learning approaches.

Unit B: focuses on the development and learning of the individuals and groups. This will help you to develop you personally and professionally.

Unit C: includes the assessment in training and education.

By taking this AET course you will be able to start your professional career as a teacher. This course will increase your knowledge and to increase the chances to get a job in the education sector.

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