August 9, 2018

3 tips to get selected in your teacher training interview

If you are pursuing any teacher training courses right now, it is very likely that you would be required to attend an interview at the end of the course. While the interview is supposed to be your last opportunity to put a final nail in the coffin, the entire PGCE course is all set to take a toll on you if you choose not to prepare well. After all, the interviewer would expect you to possess all the qualities required to be a successful educator. So, it is very important to put all the unimportant works on the sideline and prepare for the entire year. Hard work and determination would be what you will require the most.

What does the interviewer expect from you? There is a list of things.



Professionalism is the cornerstone of success in any field of work. It is an especially important quality when you are expected to teach a pool of students. Of course, you should have fun in life but that should not be your priority in the classroom. Students are here to learn new things and they expect you to fill their knowledge gap. The interviewers would evaluate you based on what you know, what you do and how you do it. Hence, be prepared and enhance your professionalism, because it is also necessary to be successful in teaching assistant courses.

Mind the ethos

You should understand that each institution is different than the other in terms of their philosophy and that reflects in their tone. Depending on the school or university you are about to debut as a teacher, you should conduct a proper research to get used to their ethics. This will allow you to impress the interviewers by showing them your interest regarding their institution.

Read a lot


Nothing beats the power of reading books. When you are aiming to build a successful career in the education sector, you better get educated yourself. There are a lot of facts you are not aware about. Read books regarding your field of teaching. It would surely benefit you and your students. Besides, your interviewers would be impressed to see your efforts in building your knowledge base.

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