Academy for Success is an institution that provides further education to those who never wants to stop learning new things. We provide a wide range of professional short-term and long-term courses such as PGCE courses, online teaching assistant courses, Diploma in Education and Training (DET) and many more. Our top notch teaching experiences had allowed us to with prestigious Award in Education and Training.

Our mission is to help our learners gain a competitive advantage in the oversaturated job market and achieve their future career goals. Our courses focus on employability; we provide work-placement opportunities to give our learners an insight into real life work scenario.

Our commitment towards our learners does not end with the course or job placement, but we encourage our learners to stay in contact with us and ensure that they will have our support whenever they find themselves stuck in any scenario. Our learners, both past and present, are entitled to advice, support and guidance on progression routes and career paths.


Approved training provider by various awarding bodies
Chasing a 100% pass rate
Fast results and Certificate
Job Placement provided

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